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At #MyTransferInCabo we reserve the right to change our policies of use of our website without prior notice, at the time of booking with us you must review our usage policies for possible changes in them, if you do not agree with our policies use our site because it could generate economic charges and loss of time for both parties.

#MyTransferInCabo we are a website where we offer the service of transportation in the area of ​​Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, we have contracts and agreements with the best companies to make your visit in this destination is the most pleasant and comfortable. We have different types of vehicles, each of the units are very recent models and comply with each of the standards required by the Secretary of Communications and Transportation (SCT) of Mexico.

#MyTransferInCabo reserves the right to Assign vehicles depending on the needs that our Customers express in their Reservation on our website and the vehicle.

In #MyTransferInCabo we use two types of classifications for our vehicles:
1.- Regular Car: This classification includes SUV, Van, Mini van, Mini Bus and trucks. The Regular Car are assigned taking into account the specifications that our clients made when booking on our website and the only authorized persons for the assignment of vehicles are the internal logistics professionals of the #MyTransferInCabo team.

2.- Limousine: In this classification the units with which we provide the transportation service are of the first quality and due to the dimensions of the vehicles and the geographical distribution of the tourist developments it is possible that in some of the destinations it is impossible to enter these vehicles until the point of ´´check in´´, therefore all these situations will be for the consideration of the driver in charge of the Unit, always looking for the common good.

By using our site mytransferincabo.com you are accepting the terms and conditions and declare that you have a minimum age of 18 years and are in a mental, legal and economic conditions to comply with and accept the terms of use of the website. You state that the data you enter and the rates that I accept at the time of booking will be fulfilled in time and form by the reservation holder, as well as accept the protocols to be followed by the #MyTransferInCabo team. Therefore you exempt from this website any claim and claim of the #MyTransferInCabo team and other business partners.

The use of this website is the responsibility of whoever decides to use it, the site may have misspellings due to bilingual conversion (Spanish / English). As well as variations in tariffs by sectors, which could be modified if required without prior notice or authorization.

You declare that the information you provide is correct and we will handle it in the safest way for you in accordance with our privacy policies (located on the mytransferincabo.com home page). The website will always take measures to maintain the security of your information but it is not responsible for acts of use that could make unauthorized persons in our database, for them we do not issue a guarantee for unauthorized access to the website with contact with your information private.

By booking with us you agree to have the #MyTransferInCabo team contact you before, during and after your arrival at the destination by means of Email and text messages to your personal telephone.


After clearing customs and inmigration service, you will find a lot of nice and persistent genteman ladys trying to invite you to a welcome breakfast, new hotel presentation or offering you a welcome package all this persons are time share sellers. We are not related with them, neither we have staff inside of the terminal; we are located outside of the terminal, at the transportation area, where a #MyTransferInCabo staff is going to be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it.
If you arrive to terminal 1 (Mexicans flights) go outside to departures of groups.

For arrivals and departures you have to give us this information:
  • Airline company.
  • Flight number.
  • Name of a passengers owner of the reservation.
  • Destination.
  • Email.
  • Number cellphone with country code.
  • Special things you will need (extra luggage, baby seat, etc.).
  • Time of pick up and place.
  • Departures; You have to respect the hours of pick up, when the driver arrives and be where. The Driver will wait for you only 10 minutes after the appointed time and if you aren't ready you will have an extra charge every 10 minutes of delay.


- Changes to the reservation must be made no more than 5 hours before the booked service and no changes can be made to changes already made. As well as last minute changes will have to be considered for availability of vehicles.

- Cancellations must be made before 48 hours before the booked service, otherwise the service will not be refunded.


If you need a special service we can do it, just send us an email with your transportation needs in Cabo.
Special services:

  • Wedding
  • Dinners
  • Limousine service
  • Night life
  • Fishing
  • Sunset cruiser
Everything you need to enjoy your vacation

Email: mytransferincabo@gmail.com

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